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The first thing you require is the knowledge of God’s Word. Without the knowledge of God’s Word, no one can really understand God’s perfect will. God’s Word gives you direction. God’s Word helps you to understand God’s perfect will. His Word is a lamp to your feet and...

The only thing the Lord says is that her spouse should be a Christian. Your spouse has got to be a Christian.

There are two things are given to us as the causes of sin: first one is selfishness and the second one is fear. Really, when you study the Bible, you’ll discover that selfishness is really the opposite of love and fear is the opposite of faith.

As a Christian, if you do something wrong, God’s not mad at you; He’s not angry with you. What He expects you to do is take advantage of His provision for the forgiveness of your sins. You incur His anger [His wrath] if you reject that provision.

You’ve got to have rule over your spirit, you’ve got to have control over your spirit, and you’ve got to have mastery over your spirit – that’s what his telling you.

The servant of the centurion never met Jesus, never talked with Jesus, never heard from Jesus. On whose faith then was he healed? On his master’s faith - the centurion’s faith! Jesus said the centurion had great faith and said, “as thou hast believed, be it done onto y...

There is the divine plan of God as far as living in the earth is concerned. For example, Peter, the apostle, was shown by Jesus how he was going to die, which means, in God’s plan, Peter was to die. Now, Peter can’t be alone in such a thing. So, it’s up to God. There a...

Any Christian could place himself under a curse like any Christian could allow the devil to do anything to him. It’s up to you. But, no curse on its own can have any effect on you. Doesn’t matter who is cursing,

If a Christian is not living a Christian life, then how can he go to heaven? That will be the problem. Jesus said, “Watch and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come upon the world.”

The rapture of the Church is different from the second coming of Christ. And, by the way, you will not really find the word ‘rapture’ especially in the older translations [of the Bible], because rapture means ‘to catch away’, ‘to take away’, ’to be caught up’, but you’...

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