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The only thing the Lord says is that her spouse should be a Christian. Your spouse has got to be a Christian.

Q&A with Pastor Chris - How Can I walk in God's Perfect Will? Without the knowledge of God’s Word, no one can really understand God’s perfect will.

Q&A with Pastor Chris - Can a Christian Date a Non-Believer? The answer is NO! For Several Reasons ...

Q&A with Pastor Chris - Do Soulmates Exist? Is it true that God has chosen a spouse for each and every person?

Q&A with Pastor Chris - Can Christians be Friends with Unbelievers? Is it wrong for a born again Christian to hang around with unbelievers?

Is it wrong to get married without being blessed by your Pastor? If you belong to a church, why would you want to get married without letting your Pastor know?

How to find a Spouse? You don’t really have to go looking, just stay in your track, do the things that God has asked you to do, be in the business that God put you in, in the job that God put you in [everything He asked you], just go about serving the Lord, [and] you’l...

The right time is when you become responsible. Now, when your parents are responsible for your education and responsible for everything you do, you are not responsible.

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