Q&A with Pastor Chris - How do you Speak in New Tongues?

December 20, 2017


Q&A with Pastor Chris - How do you Speak in New Tongues?


Question: Pastor, I would like to ask how to speak in new tongues. I’ve been speaking in tongues for years now, and just recently it feels as though the tongues don’t come out as freely as I would want them to. How do I speak in new tongues?

Answer: Well, let me quickly distinguish between what you are saying and what Jesus said so we can be on the same page on this. In Mark 16:17, Jesus said these words: “And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues;” so I think that what you’re saying means adding more to the tongues, the spiritual tongues - spiritual language - that you’re already speaking, not necessarily what Jesus said here – ‘speaking in new tongues’ - because what Jesus said here was speaking in new tongues aside what you already were speaking - your native language or lingua franca. That’s not what you are talking about from my understanding of what you are saying, because you said “I’ve been speaking in tongues for years now” which means you’ve already been speaking in these new tongues that Jesus meant. So, your terminology here is not in the same usage as when Jesus spoke; so, you’re talking about adding some new tongues to what you already have. 

Well, in that case, first, new tongues [additional vocabulary in tongues] will come to you while you are praying, many times while you are praying and you are inspired in prayer and then also when you are listening to the Word of God and you are inspired, these tongues will well up in your spirit. A lot of times, if you would let yourself go, even if you have to speak them under your voice, your spirit will then pick them. But, if you don’t let that come up, you will suppress them and you remain with what you had before. So, when they well up within you while you are listening to the Word of God, speak them. A lot of times, you would notice they are there; you’ve got to speak them. They’re new tongues; you speak them, and apart from that, there are other times of inspiration - you are just in meditation, not necessarily hearing the Word preached or taught or praying. You are just in meditation, and you are listening from within your spirit and these things will well up in you. So, if you let the inspiration of the Holy Spirit work through you, you will have additional tongues. 

Then also, remember that there is a gift of diverse kinds of tongues which is given to us; the Bible talks about it in 1 Corinthians 12, and that gift is not necessarily for everyone except you covet (desire) it. See, it’s given to one and as the Spirit chooses; that’s the gift of diverse kinds of tongues. So, that’s different from your prayer language. It’s a ministry of the Spirit in which He manifests Himself in different spiritual languages through us, and He brings forth the Word; He brings forth messages in that way to us.

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