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Christ Embassy Cell Ministry


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Our Growth Groups (Cell Ministry) are small fellowships that provide an avenue for personal development, soul winning and growth. The growth groups are also designed to encourage fellowship among brethren, which is necessary for the nurturing of their faith.

Cell Ministry is a fundamental part of Christ Embassy, and an opportunity to enhance the growth of Individuals, both spiritual and mentally. The cell meetings are designed to enable effective fellowship with other individuals, making families out of strangers.

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The Importance of belonging to a Growth Group:

  1. Pastor gets to know you as a functional part of the ministry.

  2. Pastor is able to nurture, build, train & follow you up closely as you grow in ministry.

  3. We share your challenges, testimonies & pray with you as one family.

  4. We are able to celebrate new births, birthdays, weddings, baby dedications and offer comfort in times of need.

  5. Through the help from the departments in the Cells, we are able to help our brethren in times of need.

  6. We are able to share ideas that will help encourage, develop and position one on the right path as touching different areas of life like Academics, finances, and relationships

Group Activities:

Each Growth Group is headed by a Spirit-Filled Leader who handles and coordinates the following:


  1. Fellowship meetings

  2. Evangelism and soul winning

  3. Outreaches

  4. Picnics

  5. Birthday celebrations

  6. Follow ups and visitations

  7. And other activity which promotes love and fellowship amongst brethren

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