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Q&A with Pastor Chris - How Does the Anointing Work?

Q&A with Pastor Chris

Q&A with Pastor Chris - How Does the Anointing Work?

Question: Dear Pastor, I’ve been so blessed by your teachings and exposition online. They’ve really grounded my understanding of the Word. I wish to ask how the anointing works; what does it take to function in the anointing and get expected results?

Answer: Well, the first thing is to understand what the anointing really is. The anointing is translated from a word, beginning from the Old Testament [in Hebrew] that means ‘to rub’ - like you’d rub oil on your body or cream on your body. It means to rub, primarily, and it denotes that the presence of God is rubbed on a man. That’s how it came to be [and]; that’s why in the New Testament, you don’t have so much emphasis on that word itself but you have the emphasis on the spirit of God, the power of God, and so on. So, it actually comes from the idea that the presence of God is ‘rubbed-of’ on a man. And so, over in the New Testament, that power - that spirit - that was rubbed on a man came to live inside. So, today, the Holy Spirit actually lives in you. So, when we talk about the anointing, we’re now talking about the power of God that is resident in you and then the power of God or the spirit of God that gives ability to the office into which he calls you or into anything that he calls you to do.

Now, understanding that as the anointing of God, the next thing is a realization that that comes through the acquaintance that we have with the Holy Spirit. Since the Holy Spirit is the one that gives the power, He’s the one that gives the enablement – the inspiration - it means our acquaintance with Him is really the secret. Always, the power of God will come on you to equip you for whatever He wants you to do. See, when God calls a man and sends him to do anything, it’s God’s responsibility to give that man all that he requires. So, you never need to wonder or worry about “Do I have the anointing to do this? Do I have the anointing to do this?” You have the right question when you say, “What Am I Supposed to Do?” because whatever it is you’re supposed to do, the power of the Holy Spirit has been made available to you or will be made available to you when it becomes necessary to do whatever it is God wants you to do.

The other thing is to meditate on the Word of God; you’ve got to meditate on the Word. See, the Holy Spirit brings to pass God’s word. The Holy Spirit inspires us in God’s word - to know it, to live by it and to use it. And, the Holy Spirit helps us, not only to understand it but to function in it, in such a way that we are carriers of His message. So, our acquaintance with the Holy Spirit or our acquaintance with the Word of God is necessary for us to function in the will of God through the Holy Spirit. So, whatever the Holy Spirit wants you to do, whatever life He wants you to live, you can only function thoroughly in it by your acquaintance with the Word of God. So, you’ve got to meditate continually on the Word.

The other thing is prayer. Prayer helps us to subject our spirits to the Holy Spirit. Prayer helps us to have ourselves mingled with the thoughts of God – our minds become united with his thinking. Especially when you meditate on the Word, your prayer life becomes meaningful. So, prayer is important. So, in that way you’ll find yourself living in God’s word and living by the Holy Spirit, and that’s the way the anointing of God works in you.

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