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Q&A with Pastor Chris - Why do People Fall Under the Power of the Anointing?

Q&A with Pastor Chris

Q&A with Pastor Chris - Why do People Fall Under the Anointing?

Question: Pastor, what is actually happening when people fall under the anointing? I would like to experience that. I would also like to know what happens after.

Answer: Well, you say, “What is happening when people fall under the anointing?” It means the anointing of God has come on them. The power of God has come on them; the anointing of God is upon them. Now, you see that in the Bible, firstly when you study the Old Testament, the Bible does tell us how that the Priests came into the tabernacle – the temple – to worship and to praise God, and that while they were there worshipping and praising, the anointing was so much. The Shekinah glory of God came upon them and they all fell prostrate on the floor [1 Kings 8:10-11]. All the Priests could not stand; they could not even stand because of the glory of God that covered the place [2 Chronicles 5:14], because the glory of God came upon them. And, that was in the Old Testament, the glory of God came upon them so they went prostrate on the floor, not by themselves but because of the power of that glory. Now, imagine…understand this…in the New Testament that glory comes even upon our spirits. Can you see that? The glory comes upon our spirits. So, many times when people fall under the power, it’s the glory of God. It’s the power of God.

Now, you have to also understand when that power is being used by the Spirit of God to do certain things. For example, when people are being set free from demonic oppression, sometimes they fall like you notice when Jesus ministered…when He cast devils out, the people fell down…the demons threw them down and went out of them. So, there are different cases; in certain cases, when the power of God comes on them to bless them, it can be so overwhelming and they fall under the power. And also, when the anointing comes on others maybe in cases where there is a demonic oppression also, they fall under the power. But, you can know the difference because of what happens when they get up.

One time, there was a situation where the man of God, John Wesley, was preaching many years ago, and while he was preaching, a certain woman cried and fell under the power, and the people were wondering what happened; they couldn’t tell, because it was one of those very first occasions that it happened in his ministry. And, it was…the people were new to it…so, they were wondering what could have happened. Well, John Wesley said something; he said, uh, “we’re going to know who did it when the woman gets up because whoever did it will get the glory”. And so, they waited for a while. Certain people had tried to resuscitate her, thinking that maybe something wrong had happened to her, but she remained under the power for quite a while. When she got up, she began to say “praise God, praise God, praise God”; then John Wesley said, “I told you…I told you…I told you…I told you that the one who’s responsible will get the glory so this must be of God, because it was God who got the glory.” So, whoever did it will get the glory.

A lot of times, we’ve got to understand, it’s the power of God. Now, in another occasion [or on another occasion], something happened when…at the arrest of Jesus, you’d recall that after Judas Iscariot had come to betray Jesus with a kiss [John 18: 3-9], the Bible tells us that when he did that, he had told the people [that] anyone that I kiss, hold him fast, that’s Jesus. He used that sign to indicate for the soldiers whom Jesus was among the disciples. And, when he did that, Jesus said to Judas Iscariot, “Judas, betrayest thou the Son of man with a kiss?” And, He turned to the soldier; He said “Whom do you seek?” They said “Jesus of Nazareth” and He said, “I am He!” The moment He said “I am He”, they all fell under the power – all the soldiers fell down – because there was such glory from the words of the Master [John 18:6]. And then, finally, they got up again and He said, “Whom do you seek?” They said “Jesus of Nazareth”, and then He said, “Alright, if you seek Jesus, then let these ones go” and then He followed them and let the disciples go. So, the power of God is what makes these things happen. It’s like when there is a strong wind [and wind is a type of the Spirit of God], the stronger the wind, sometimes you find buildings falling…buildings fall down; that’s like the glory. That’s why this happens.

Sometimes, the anointing is so strong that people just go prostrate under the power. They fall backwards, and that’s exactly what happened to those soldiers when Jesus said, “I am He”; the Bible says they staggered and fell backwards, you know. And, falling backwards is very significant…it’s not normal…it’s got to be some supernatural power [some extraordinary force] for them to fall [stagger backwards and fall] backwards like that. So, that’s the power of God. What you said here, you said, “I would like to experience that”. Yes…yes, you can! The anointing can come on you; in fact, it’ll happen to you while this is going on. Many times, when we minister and people are watching by television or the Internet, it has happened to them. They fall under the power as the anointing comes to them through the screen. See, the anointing can come to you today. And, as we keep sharing, the anointing is going to build until the moment of prayer. When we begin praying, expect a miracle. Expect the power of God to come upon you; expect the anointing to come on you, and that will happen to you today!

Alright! Then you said, “what happens after?” I just told you…I just told you…the anointing, usually is so strong, and you are blessed by the Spirit of God. When you get up from there, something [you know something] often there is a new awakening in your spirit. There’s a new revelation come to you. There’s a blessing! And, the blessings of God are, um, you cannot quantify them [extraordinary blessings of God]. And, you’d know that peace…you’d know that peace…there’s a confirmation of something in your spirit depending on what the Spirit of God wants to do in your life at that moment. So, you would know.

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